Terri Neipert, Executive Director

Terri brings to Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance her extensive experience working within both non profit community based programs and federal service sectors. A graduate of Penn State University, Terri began her career in education developing special education programs in public schools in New Jersey. She then went to work for a non profit organization in Philadelphia where she established after school programs for students with disabilities within the Philadelphia public school system. Terri most recently oversaw the development and implementation of a vocational training program for adults with disabilities in three states.

Terri has also had the opportunity to work for the federal government as a Special Agent for the US Secret Service. She was introduced to Crossfit in 2006 during training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Terri is currently a level 2 Crossfit instructor and has focused her coaching on adapting training to the specific needs of the athletes that she works with. She was first introduced to Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance when she attended one of their seminars in Florida. Terri is passionate about everything that the Crossfit community offers to its athletes-the camaraderie, a competitive spirit, and physical and emotional well being, all tailored to an athlete’s ability levels and personal goals.

“Functional fitness is an integral part of my self-care routine and has contributed greatly to my mental and emotional well-being. Having the opportunity to work for an organization that I share the same values with-linking physical fitness and mental components together to create a sustainable and inclusive program for all adaptive athletes-allows me the opportunity to continue to bring my life experiences and professional skillset to a meaningful and important cause.”

CFL 2 Trainer
MEd in special education

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