David Newkirk, Seminar Coach

Married (20 years) father of 2 (16 and 14)

Excelled athletically early in life in soccer, basketball, golf eventually volleyball.

Began participating in adaptive athletics at 15 taking part in summer games sponsored by organizations such as USAAA, NHS, and DS/USA. 

In 1990, was selected to volleyball for the US men’s Paralympic standing (no game modification) volleyball team. Competed in 3 Paralympic games from 1992 – 2000, when the sport was removed from the Paralympiad in favor of the sitting game. I also played volleyball in college for the Texas Tech men’s volleyball team.

I continued to play with the Paralympic team through several world cup tournaments after 2000, however the team ultimately stopped competing in 2006.

I’ve always been physically fit, and have always maintained an interest in maximizing human performance within my own training, but hit a pretty big plateau 3 years ago, while training at one of the big commercial gyms.

Then, it happened, a chance reunion with a friend in an airport netted me an introduction to Crossfit. After a pretty simple low to body weight wod (where she lapped me), I found myself in that all too familiar fetal position…needless to say, I was hooked…

From there, I stumbled upon a video of the Working Wounded Games, and saw some pretty incredible athletes doing some amazing things, and had to be a part of it….the event changed my life, and gave me a new focus on / purpose in life – connecting with, learning from,  and helping other adaptive athletes. I love using my experience and gifts of public speaking, teaching, coaching, and learning to continue to help others.

Joined the Crossroads coaching staff working the Crossfit Games on 2014, and taking part in several coaching clinics throughout the country.

In addition to Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance I also serve as the strength and conditioning coach for the NubAbility organization (faith-based adaptive athletic organization)

I recently ended an 18 year career with the Kiewit companies as an executive level sponsor to pursue my passion of helping people. In January, I joined Advanced Arm Dynamics to start an office in the Kansas City area to serve the upper extremity adaptive population in the area.

Favorite exercises – box jumps, rowing (sprints), sled pulls

In addition to Crossfit and playing volleyball, I love to play golf as well.

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