Natalie Bieule, Seminar Coach

My name is Natalie Marie Bieule and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. On March 8, 2001 I was involved in a car accident that resulted in a below the knee amputation. My journey from that car accident until now has not been easy; it has been one filled with challenges and self-realization.

After my car accident I had many doctors tell me that I was never going to do a lot of activities that I was once capable of doing. As an 18-year-old dancer with a promising career ahead, this was a difficult reality for me to accept. I was faced with a dilemma, bury myself in a deep, dark hole or give thanks that I survived and live a life proving my doubters wrong.

I buried myself in physically activity such as spinning and kickboxing allowing this to become my therapy. However, it was not until I found CrossfFit that I realized my true potential and how much I can really accomplish if I set my fears asides.

Soon after starting Crossfit I began competing in many competitions and many of them against able bodied women. I was the first adaptive athlete to ever compete in South Florida’s biggest competition Wodapolza against 60 able bodied women without any modifications and I am proud of my 12th place ranking. I am also very proud of my overall 2nd place win in the WWG in 2013. Here is where I met and became friends with the most inspiring group of athletes. My goal has always been to try my hardest never to modify any of my movement and to do everything an able bodied women can do…because after all I still got a leg. Might be made out of Carbon Fiber but it is my leg.

It was during My CrossFit journey that I was introduced to the USA Paralympics and to my Coach and Friend Mr. Scott Danberg. I began to train in the track and field event the Discus. Being that I have never touched or known what a discus was, I knew that this would be a challenge for me but one which I was most excited to conquer.

I jumped right into discus training and within four months I am proud to say I made the National A team in San Mateo, California. At Nationals, I set a new American Record by throwing 28.93 meters, which marked my first world ranking. Within nine months I had gone from knowing absolutely nothing about the Paralympics to being ranked third in the world.

With the love and support from my husband and two daughters I have learned no dream is ever too big.

Nothing in this life is impossible, the only limited we set are those we set on ourselves. Not only am I excited to compete and represent my country in Rio 2016 for the Paralympic Games I enjoy showing adaptive athletes that your life doesn’t end after a tragic event. There is a new adventure behind the door you just need to have the courage to open it.

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