Crossroads is a 501(c)3 whose programs fall into 3 pillars:


The concept is to maximize inclusion – in training, in competitions, in all sports and fitness arenas. Eventually, we would like to collect enough data to remove many of the exclusionary categories in sport and level the playing field. In the meantime, we advise events looking to add an adaptive category; we host the Working Wounded Games, and we provide grants to adaptive athletes to compete.

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Through each of our interactions, we are building a wider community to share success, tips, best practices, and understanding. We highlight gyms, nonprofits, and businesses that have committed to inclusion and support of adaptive athletes through our alliance network.

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Through our seminar series, we attempt to educate coaches about interacting with, assessing, and programming for adaptive athletes in order to increase awareness and inclusionary practices. As adaptive inclusion grows in sport from the extraordinary to the ordinary, we expect adaptive athletes to progress even further in the fitness community to become fitness educators, coaches, and trainers. To encourage this, we offer grants for athletes to obtain certifications.

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