David Wallach, Chairman

CrossFit Rubicon Head Coach and Co-owner
CrossFit Level 1
Sports Nutrition Specialist
Kettlebell Instructor
Sports Performance Nutrition Educator
Weight Management Instructor
Master Chef (US/EU)
Blauer Tactical Systems Personal Defense Readiness Coach

Chef’s life is food and fitness and he is among the happiest food science and functional fitness nerds around. Knowing full well being an ‘expert’ means ‘knowing more and more about less and less’ he considers himself unduly blessed with the good fortune to have taught Advanced Sports Nutrition, train trainers and clients and spread the gospel of Applied Functional Fitness on three continents.

After starting CrossFit in 2005 as his training of personal and professional choice, he ran headlong into all things CrossFit as quickly as his feet could carry him only to discover the one thing more fun than doing CrossFit is coaching CrossFit. Chef maintains a simple motto, “We want you to know not just HOW to do what you need to do, but WHY you need to do it, you need to empowered by knowledge.”

As far as training? “If it’s heavy? Pick it up an move it as fast as you can, as long as you can. Then eat well, rest well, live well, laugh loud, then do it all again: heavier, farther and faster. Simple, isn’t it?”

Suggestion Box: If you hear the phrase ‘Cheat Night’ within a ten meter radius of Chef, be sure to keep your hands away from it’s mouth.

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