Sara Olsen, Secretary

CFL1 Trainer
USAW Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Mobility Certificate
CrossFit Endurance Certificate
MS Leadership/Nonprofit Management
MPH Physical Activity

Sara is a Navy veteran and perpetual student. When she was given the opportunity to continue to serve others first through Working Wounded Games and then Crossroads, she jumped at the opportunity. She is a firm believer that fitness has mental and spiritual benefits in addition to the physical ones. Encouraging others to include adaptive athletes into their sport and fitness community is an exciting endeavor because once achieved, it benefits all.

The Crossroads journey has introduced Sara to innumerable new friends and experiences, as well as allowing her to connect with her Veteran brethren on another level. She intends to be part of the adaptive athletic movement and see Crossroads expand in its breadth of tangible support for years to come.

Sara is currently working on her PhD where she will focus her studies on the psychosocial impact of community-based fitness for adaptive populations…in other words how does being active with friends help us all #getbetteratlife and learn to #adaptlife?

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