Derry Mason, Seminar Coach

Born with a congenital birth defect of the lower right leg, Derry struggled to be active and participate in sports. Throughout elementary and middle schools, Derry was on the outside looking in, and then, prior to high school, at the age of 14, he had elective amputation and was fitted with a prosthesis. This amputation opened the door for him to express himself physically and athletically. In high school, Derry played lacrosse and participated in an outdoor and leadership education program.

In college, Derry was on the alpine ski racing team and began work as an outdoor, experiential and leadership educator. This work, combined with his passion for physical expression and training, led to a 25 year career as a climbing, mountaineering, white water kayaking, and outdoor education instructor and guide throughout the world. Training and fitness have been part of Derry’s life since high school, and while looking for crosstraining opportunities, he discovered Crossfit.

Now the Dean of Students at a boarding school in New England, Derry teaches Crossfit, trains teams and individual athletes, and shares his passion for working and training hard, demanding the most from yourself, and pushing past perceived boundaries.

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