Krystal Cantu, Seminar Coach

I was born and raised in Texas and definitely built tough. I was involved in sports growing up and began a phase of obstacle mud runs during my senior year of college. At the age of 24 I lost my right arm due to a tire blow out that led to a roll over accident.

I was introduced to Crossfit a few months prior to the accident and picked right back up where I left off a month later. I continued to grow in the sport and began competing in Crossfit. From the Working Wounded Games to WODapalooza, I tested my fitness and training and worked on my faults from there. I recently picked up the sport of Javelin with the Paralympics Track and Field team and hope to rise in the sport and get myself a spot next year in Rio.

I joined the Crossroads team because I knew it would be the start of something incredible. As a coach I’m here to teach anyone willing to lend an ear and wanting to learn. I can only hope that this community continues to grow stronger as we continue to pass around what we know and learn from one another. 

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